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Care Instructions


  1. Don’t wash a collectible Teddy Bear in the washingmachine.
  2. Mohair is a natural hair. Therefore clean the mohair fur of a Teddy Bear with the same detergent, with which you also clean your own hair. Use soft soap foam, which you lay on the fur with a soft sponge
  3. Mohair is a thoroughly hardwearing material, but don’t rub the fur of the Bear it will become matted.
  4. The fibers of the artificial silk breaks down as soon as it get in touch with water. When you want to clean an artificial silk Teddy Bear, you have to understand, that the fur of the Bear has another structure after the cleaning process than before. Sometimes this does look nice as the bears appears to naturally age.
  5. Don’t drown your Bear. To much water is not good for a collectible Teddy Bear. Be careful, when you put away the soap foam from the fur and don’t use too much water for this.
  6. Clean only the outfit of the fur. When you want to clean an excelsior stuffed Teddy Bear you have to pay strict attention that no water enters the inside of the Bear. You will never get the excelsior entirely dry again. This will also damage the growler.
  7. Don’t keep your Teddy Bears in moist room