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Santa Mobilw 23 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg

Santa Mobilw 23 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
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Product no.: 20157-9
GTIN/EAN: 4000781201579
MPN: 20157-9
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HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH

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Products description

Santa Mobilw 23 cm

item number: 20157-9
    1.) Limitierung:

Limited to: 50 pieces

2.) Santa Teddy

made of Original old artrificial silk plush from the HERMANN archives of the late 1940s

Filling Excelsior

3.) Santa car

the wooden Santa car is mounted on an original antique chassis from the HERMANN archives of the 1950s

Size Wagen-Länge: 21 cm = 8 ¼ inches
Wagen-Breite: 10,5 cm = 4 inches
Fahrgestell-Breite: 14 cm = 5 ½ inches

4.) accessories

with a Santa Claus bag made of real jute material, filled with toys - miniature hobby horse and miniature clown doll

with a small miniature lantern


size: 23 cm // 9 inch

limited edition in pieces: 50 pieces


Artificial Silk

A small material science

The era of the artikicial silk bears is a capital in the history of Teddy Bears that has nearly not yet been illuminated. Only some few people know about the preciousness of these artificial silk bears. Developed in the 1930s, artificial silk plushes primarily served the intention of the time to become independent of the import of valuable mohair fibers. When mohair was no longer available during and after the Second World War, the artificial silk bear arose as a typical representative of the post-war bears in the 1940s and 1950s. It was only later - during the economic boom - when the mohair bear filled the shelves of toy shops again that the "cheaper" artificial silk bear was pushed onto the fairgrounds until it disappeared entirely from the market. The era of the artificial silk bears therefore only lasted a few years. However, it is all the more remarkable as the original artificial silk bear can no longer be produced in its original way. Once classified as "street urchin children" on the toy market, artificial silk bears are today an extraordinary treasure, as they can only be reproduced as far as that original old artificial silk plush is stored in the archives of the old traditional manufacturers.


Artifical silk is the historical name for a semi-synthetic plush material made from cellulose. In this context, semi-synthetic means that the raw material - unlike today's fully synthetic plush - is a natural plant substance. Artificial silk plushes were given the nickname "silk" primarily because of their silky sheen. In addition, their pile threads are very fine and similarly supple, just like natural silk. Real, original artificial silk plushes can no longer be woven today for technical reasons. The special machines required for this, which used to be able to process these fine cellulose fibers, are no longer operational. Most of these old machines were scrapped. Teddy Bears made from original old synthetic silk plush are therefore particularly rare today and enjoy the highest regard among collectors.


Miniature Bears stuffed with excelsior belong to the rarity treasure of the Teddy Bear world and can hardly be found today at the collectors market.

For 100 years, we have cultivated the tradition of stuffing our Teddy Bears with excelsior and we have preserved for us this old craftsmanship also for the production of our Miniature Bears. This gives our Miniature Bears their exceptional value and makes them to uncomparable and unique creatures.
Made in Germany - Hergestellt in Deutschland
Made in Germany


Valuable collector’s item. This product is not a toy in the sence of the toy guideline (2009/48/EC Attachment I, 2 c + d). This product is intended only for adult collectors with an age of 14 years and over.

About the manufacturer HERMANN-Spielwaren, Coburg / Germany

HERMANN-Spielwaren, now located in Coburg-Cortendorf / Germany, is one of the oldest still existing Teddybear companies worldwide. Founded 1920 in Neufang near Sonneberg / Thuringia the history goes back to the year 1913, when Max Hermann manufactrued his first Teddybear together with his brother Arthur and his sister Adelheid.

The company is famous for there extraordinary designs, there craftmanship, there exclusive small editions and that each bear, made in Coburg / Germany is a own personality. Each bear is made by highskilled longtime employees, many of them work over 10 years for HERMANN-Spielwaren.

Each wellknown teddybear book features the designs and also the Teddybear magacines are in close contact the the company for new styles. Des Chef-Designer is Ulla Hermann, granddaughter of the founder. Her Teddybears won famous Awards, like the TOBY Industry’s and Public’s Choice Award, the Golden Teddy Award or the TED worldwide Award.


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This web-page is exclusive for HERMANN Coburg wholesalers and merchant customers.
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