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Maheso Liftboy Club-Edition 2021 35 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg

Maheso Liftboy Club-Edition 2021 35 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
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Product no.: 12610-0
GTIN/EAN: 4000781126100
MPN: 12610-0
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HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH

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Products description

Maheso Liftboy Club-Edition 2021 35 cm

item number: 12610-0
    Excelsior filling
    Growler voice
    valuable Embroidering

5-times jointed, arms. legs and the head are movable
with triangular HERMANN neckmark in the back of the head
with the green HERMANN hangtag - The bear with the running dog
with certificate of authenticity

size: 35 cm // 13,75 inch

limited edition in pieces: 75 pieces

Club-Edition 2021

MaheSo Liftboy

75 Years Anniversary Edition
1946 - 2021

As with hardly another name, three Teddy Bear motifs are inextricably linkedwith the name Max Hermann - the Clown Bear, the Folklore Bears and the Liftboy.

After our grandfather Max Hermann founded short after the First World Warin difficult, inflationary times under his own name his own small Teddy Bearfactory, it was first the classic Bear on which he could lean himself. Butreal soon the so-called "Clown Bears" dominated his collection especiallyfor the export to England, with which he could experience the prosperityperiod of the "Golden Twenties" after the end of hyperinflation and theintroduction of the so-colled "Rentenmark". All his "Clown Bears" were markedwith a small "c" - for clown - after their item number.

However, with the start of the Great Depression in 1929 and the "pound fall"of the British currency, the then still young company was once again facedwith a major challenge. And again it was a special design of Max Hermannthat attracted everyone's attention. In order to bring the toy land aroundthe world toy city of Sonneberg out of the crisis, the city of Sonnebergorganized a large toy show from May to October 1933 and invited buyers fromall over the world to convince themselves of the creativity of the Sonnebergtoy manufacturers. Max Hermann took part in this exhibition with a groupof small Folklore Bears that he had decorated for a "ribbon dance". His customerswere thrilled. The little bears with their hand-crocheted folklore costumeswere sent all over the world and made the "MaheSo" brand (Max Hermann Sonneberg)and the "Bear with the Running Dog" trademark known around the world.

But again dark clouds gathered on the horizon. The Second World War was justaround the corner, which brought everything to a standstill again. The entireexport collapsed. Many companies in Sonneberg had already switched to militaryproduction, but Max Hermann kept an iron grip on his Teddy Bears. Togetherwith our grandmother Hilde Hermann, he continued to manufacture Teddy Bearsas best he could do during the war, now mainly for domestic private customers.He received the material for this from his customers, because it was notpossible to buy the plush material for the production of toys any more. Thisinsistence of Max Hermann not to have participated in the manufacture ofmilitary products should pay off after the war. Therefore Max Hermann wasthe first manufacturer in Sonneberg to whom it was allowed by the victoriousAllies to reopen his production for export and to show his Teddy Bears toforeign customers at the first provisional post-war fair in Leipzig fromMay 8th to 12th, 1946. Raw material was still not available on the free market.Only for export orders plush material was allocated by state side. Once againMax Hermann could score points with an unusual model with the foreignerswho visited the fair. So he dressed some of his Teddy Bears as bellboys andgave them the English name "Liftboy". This model was based on the heydayof the grand hotels of the Belle Époche of the 19th and early 20thcentury. So it was not surprising that customers, especially abroad, wereimpressed. Max Hermann received his first export order for these Bears fromVenezuela / South America. It was the first export order for toys that wasallocated to Sonneberg manufacturers after the war again. Then, in 1947,the Leipzig Fair resumed its regular operations again. Here Max Hermann presentedhis "MaheSo Liftboy" at the spring fair from March 4th to 9th, 1947 now alsoas a decorative show piece in a size of over one meter (over 40 inches) thatattracted everyone's attention.

In addition to the Clown Bears from the 1920s and the Folklore Bears fromthe 1930s, the Liftboy from the post-war period of the 1940s was certainlyone of the leading Teddy Figures of the first thirty years of our over 100years old company's history. According to its importance for the developmenthistory of our company, the histroical Liftboy of our grandfather shall receivetoday, 75 years later, a special recognation as an anniversary edition toremember the old MaheSo model of yesteryear.

Made in Germany - Hergestellt in Deutschland
Made in Germany

Valuable collector’s item. This product is not a toy in the sence of the toy guideline (2009/48/EC Attachment I, 2 c + d). This product is intended only for adult collectors with an age of 14 years and over.

Mohiar, finest&nbspMaterial for Teddybears

Mohair is made from one of nature`s finest&nbsp sources for natural fiber,the Angora goat. This special fur is very long and naturally wavy. When sheared(this usually occurs twice a year) it is called mohair. The term "mohair"is derived from the Arabian word "Muhayar" which literally means "the fabricof goat hair". Despite the name similarity there is no relation to the Angorarabbit.

The collection of this noble hair does not require any animals to beharmed!

Angora goats are a delicate animal and are very sensitive to temperaturechange. This requires a dependable mild climate. Summers not so hot thatthe meadows dry out and winters not too cold. In the entire world there areonly three regions that consistently meet these ideal conditions: Texas,USA, South Africa and Turkey.

The fur of the Angora go at is naturally white, curly and shiny. Itsfibers have a remarkable strength when made into a pile fabric. Thesecharacteristics together with the noble appearance, silky feel and sheenmake mohair one of the finest&nbsp fibers offered by nature.

About the manufacturer HERMANN-Spielwaren, Coburg / Germany

HERMANN-Spielwaren, now located in Coburg-Cortendorf / Germany, is one of the oldest still existing Teddybear companies worldwide. Founded 1920 in Neufang near Sonneberg / Thuringia the history goes back to the year 1913, when Max Hermann manufactrued his first Teddybear together with his brother Arthur and his sister Adelheid.

The company is famous for there extraordinary designs, there craftmanship, there exclusive small editions and that each bear, made in Coburg / Germany is a own personality. Each bear is made by highskilled longtime employees, many of them work over 10 years for HERMANN-Spielwaren.

Each wellknown teddybear book features the designs and also the Teddybear magacines are in close contact the the company for new styles. Des Chef-Designer is Ulla Hermann, granddaughter of the founder. Her Teddybears won famous Awards, like the TOBY Industry’s and Public’s Choice Award, the Golden Teddy Award or the TED worldwide Award.

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This web-page is exclusive for HERMANN Coburg wholesalers and merchant customers.
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This web-page is exclusive for HERMANN Coburg wholesalers and merchant customers.
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