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King Henry VIII 42 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg

King Henry VIII 42 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
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Product no.: 19601-1
GTIN/EAN: 4000781196011
Manufacturer: HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH
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Products description

King Henry VIII 42 cm

item number: 19601-1
    excelsior filling
    growler voice

size: 42 cm // 16,54 inch

limited edition in pieces: 1000 pieces


King Henry VIII of England

The Tudors had been the governing monarchs in England from 1485-1603. HenryVIII (1491-1547), from the dynasty of the Tudors, were crowned 1509 to Kingof England. He was a faithful Catholic (the pope Leo X gave him the title„Fidei defensor“). But nevertheless Henry VIII absolved the Churchof England from the Catholic Church in 1535. The reason was, that Henry wantedto be divorced from his wife Catharine of Aragon, who didn’t give hima son and successor to the throne, and he wanted to legitimate his liaisonto Anna Boleyn. For that Henry founded the Anglican State Church, but therewas no reformation like in Germany.

Henry became famous for marrying 6-times. Two of his wives were executed,from two others Henry was divorced. Only one survived him.

Catharine of Aragon was the first wife of Henry. She was the widow of hisbrother Arthur and Henry married her in 1509. She gave him 5 children. Fourof them died, when they were still babies. The fifth child became the laterMary I. When Henry wanted to be divorced the pope refused. But Henry reachedoffhand, that the archbishop Thomas Cranmer declared his marriage for nulland void and dissolved his wedlock. 1533 Henry married Anna Boleyn. She gavehim the later Elizabeth I. 1536 Anna Boleyn was beheaded because of pretendedadultery. 11 days after the execution the King married Jane Seymour, a ladyat court of his both former wives. She gave him still in the same year thelater Edward VI, but died only a few days after the birth. Only for politicalreasons and because of Cromwell’s advice, Henry married 1540 his fourthwife, Anna von Cleve. But Henry was so unsatisfied with her, that 6 monthlater the parliament had to dissolve this wedlock and Cromwell was beheaded.Still in the same year 1540 Henry married his fifth wife Catherine Howard.Like his second wife, also his fifth wife was beheaded 1542, because of pretendedinfidelity. The sixth of his wives was Catherine Parr. She survived the Kingfor one year. She also persuaded the King to delegate the succession of thethrone also to both daughters Mary and Elizabeth.

Henry did not have the same political intelligence like his father, but hehad a strong power instinct. He was a typical Renaissance man, vain andsplendid.

Made in Germany - Hergestellt in Deutschland

Valuable collector?s item. This product is not a toy in the sence of the toy guideline (2009/48/EC Attachment I, 2 c + d). This product is intended only for adult collectors with an age of 14 years and over.

Mohiar, finestMaterial for Teddybears

Mohair is made from one of nature`s finest sources for natural fiber,the Angora goat. This special fur is very long and naturally wavy. When sheared(this usually occurs twice a year) it is called mohair. The term "mohair"is derived from the Arabian word "Muhayar" which literally means "the fabricof goat hair". Despite the name similarity there is no relation to the Angorarabbit.

The collection of this noble hair does not require any animals to beharmed!

Angora goats are a delicate animal and are very sensitive to temperaturechange. This requires a dependable mild climate. Summers not so hot thatthe meadows dry out and winters not too cold. In the entire world there areonly three regions that consistently meet these ideal conditions: Texas,USA, South Africa and Turkey.

The fur of the Angora go at is naturally white, curly and shiny. Itsfibers have a remarkable strength when made into a pile fabric. Thesecharacteristics together with the noble appearance, silky feel and sheenmake mohair one of the finest fibers offered by nature.

About the manufacturer HERMANN-Spielwaren, Coburg / Germany
HERMANN-Spielwaren, now located in Coburg-Cortendorf / Germany, is one of the oldest still existing Teddybear companies worldwide. Founded 1920 in Neufang near Sonneberg / Thuringia the history goes back to the year 1913, when Max Hermann manufactrued his first Teddybear together with his brother Arthur and his sister Adelheid.

The company is famous for there extraordinary designs, there craftmanship, there exclusive small editions and that each bear, made in Coburg / Germany is a own personality. Each bear is made by highskilled longtime employees, many of them work over 10 years for HERMANN-Spielwaren.

Each wellknown teddybear book features the designs and also the Teddybear magacines are in close contact the the company for new styles. Des Chef-Designer is Ulla Hermann, granddaughter of the founder. Her Teddybears won famous Awards, like the TOBY Industry?s and Public?s Choice Award, the Golden Teddy Award or the TED worldwide Award.

King Henry VIII 42 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
King Henry VIII 42 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg

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This Product was added to our catalogue on 01/03/2022.

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