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Drolly Girl 24 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg

Drolly Girl 24 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
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Product no.: 10216-6
GTIN/EAN: 4000781102166
MPN: 10216-6
Manufacturer: HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH
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Products description

Drolly Girl 24 cm

item number: 10216-6
    Name: Drolly Girl
with an antique HERMANN Drolly-Head from the year 1954

Made in Germany

Special Head: The antique Drolly head comes from the HERMANN archives from1954. This is the original head that was used in 1954 to make our Drollyfigures (Drolly Bear, Drolly Boy and Drolly Girl) at that time. The antiqueDrolly head is made of hard rubber and hand painted. The design of the headwas developed in 1954 exclusively based on our idea and design and was presentedby us as a novelty in 1954. A few examples of these 70-year-old, antiqueheads are still in our HERMANN archive - never-come-back.

Limited Edition: 50 pieces - worldwide - never-come-back

Numbering: Each Drolly Girl is individually numbered the individual numberis embroidered on the right paw

Modell: 5-times jointed

size: 24 cm = 9 ½ inches

fur: Arms, legs, hands, feet and body are made of valuable, short-pile mohairplush

paws: felt

filling: Arms, legs, hands, feet and body are stuffed with excelsior

embroidering: Right paw is valuable embroidered with the name of the Bear"Drolly Girl" and the the individual limitation number

dress: The dress is made of red felt and white lace sleeves and an apronmade of red fabric with white dots

special dress: The antique red apron fabric with white dots comes from theHERMANN archive from 1954. This cotton fabric was used to make our drollygirl's clothing in 1954


5-times jointed, arms. legs and the head are movable
with triangular HERMANN neckmark in the back of the head
with the green HERMANN hangtag - The bear with the running dog
with certificate of authenticity

size: 24 cm // 9,5 inch

limited edition in pieces: 50 pieces

Teddy Bears stuffed with excelsior a true treasure

Teddy Bears stuffed with excelsior belong to the rarity treasure of the TeddyBear world and are only rarely offered on the collector's market today. Whatused to be the daily work of the Teddy Bear makers in former times, has becomea valuable and rare treasure today. Worldwide there are only a handful ofexperts who are still familiar with the traditonal art of excelsior stuffing.Years of training, muscle strength and an artistic sense for styling arenecessary to carry out this very time-consuming work.

For more than 100 years, we have cultivated the tradition of stuffing ourTeddy Bears with excelsior and we have preserved for us this knowledge formaking Teddy Bears also in small sizes and also for stuffing the arms, legsand the body of our "Drolly-Bears" untill today. This gives our "Drolly-Figures"in addition their exceptional value and makes them to uncomparable and uniquecreatures with value-preserving character.

The old HERMANN Drolly Bear heads

an irretrievable treasure from the HERMANN archive of 1954

Many hidden treasures can be found in the archives of an old traditionalcompany. This is what happened to us with our old "Drolly Bear" heads thatwe discovered over 10 years ago. At the very back, in a hardly lit cornerof our old company attic, where you can no longer stand upright, there wasan old cardboard box. Already from the outside of the box you could see thatthe ravages of time had gnawed at it. At some point it was parked there andthen forgotten. When we opened it back then, we couldn't believe our eyes.Carefully packed there was a large number of our old "Drolly" heads from1954, small masterpieces that had been made exclusively for us decades agofrom hard rubber based on our grandfather's design and hand-painted withthe finest brush strokes. Each one was made with such incredible precisionand quality that it would no longer be possible to pay for it today. As anovelty for 1954, these heads were used at that time in the production ofour "Drolly Figures", which are still unique today. After we excitedly climbeddown again the chicken ladder that leads to our barely accessible attic archive,we came up with the idea of creating an extraordinary edition out of theseold "Drolly" heads - not a replica in the true sense, but a "Drolly Bear",into which new design ideas should flow - something that is reminiscent ofour first years in Coburg without being frozen in the past - something new,but deeply rooted in the fertile soil of an old, traditional company. Soour "Drolly Bear" was created a few years ago and the collector's world wasthrilled.

As luck would have it some days ago, while browsing through old companydocuments, we came across our old HERMANN catalog from 1954, along with aphoto of the presentation of our "Dollys" as a "new product in 1954". Itwas only now that we realized that back in 1954 we had alongside our "DrollyBoy" also a "Drolly Girl" in our collection". Because there were still afew of these old historical Original "Drolly" heads available from the stockof 1954, we immediately got to work to add a "Drolly Girl" to our "DollyBear". Also this "Drolly Girl" should not be a replica in the true sense,but yet deeply anchored in the history of our grandfather's old "Drolly"models of yore. Another stroke of luck was that in an old fabric box we actuallyfound a few patches of the old cotton fabric - red with white dots - of whichthe skirt of our old "Drolly Girl" was made, not enough to be able to makean entire dress, but enough for the apron and neck bow of the new "DrollyGirl" clothing. Therefore also the dress of our current "Drolly Girl" reflectsa touch of the history of our old design version from back in the days.

Our grandfather Max Hermann could not experience the great success of ourhistorical "Drolly-Figures" by himself. A year after he presented his "Drollys"as a HERMANN "Novelty 1954", our grandfather died. But with the "Drolly"heads designed according to his idea, which enchant us still today with theirmischievous smile in the same as they did 70 years ago, he left us anirretrievable treasure.

Made in Germany - Hergestellt in Deutschland
Made in Germany

Valuable collector’s item. This product is not a toy in the sence of the toy guideline (2009/48/EC Attachment I, 2 c + d). This product is intended only for adult collectors with an age of 14 years and over.

Mohiar, finest&nbspMaterial for Teddybears

Mohair is made from one of nature`s finest&nbsp sources for natural fiber,the Angora goat. This special fur is very long and naturally wavy. When sheared(this usually occurs twice a year) it is called mohair. The term "mohair"is derived from the Arabian word "Muhayar" which literally means "the fabricof goat hair". Despite the name similarity there is no relation to the Angorarabbit.

The collection of this noble hair does not require any animals to beharmed!

Angora goats are a delicate animal and are very sensitive to temperaturechange. This requires a dependable mild climate. Summers not so hot thatthe meadows dry out and winters not too cold. In the entire world there areonly three regions that consistently meet these ideal conditions: Texas,USA, South Africa and Turkey.

The fur of the Angora go at is naturally white, curly and shiny. Itsfibers have a remarkable strength when made into a pile fabric. Thesecharacteristics together with the noble appearance, silky feel and sheenmake mohair one of the finest&nbsp fibers offered by nature.

About the manufacturer HERMANN-Spielwaren, Coburg / Germany

HERMANN-Spielwaren, now located in Coburg-Cortendorf / Germany, is one of the oldest still existing Teddybear companies worldwide. Founded 1920 in Neufang near Sonneberg / Thuringia the history goes back to the year 1913, when Max Hermann manufactrued his first Teddybear together with his brother Arthur and his sister Adelheid.

The company is famous for there extraordinary designs, there craftmanship, there exclusive small editions and that each bear, made in Coburg / Germany is a own personality. Each bear is made by highskilled longtime employees, many of them work over 10 years for HERMANN-Spielwaren.

Each wellknown teddybear book features the designs and also the Teddybear magacines are in close contact the the company for new styles. Des Chef-Designer is Ulla Hermann, granddaughter of the founder. Her Teddybears won famous Awards, like the TOBY Industry’s and Public’s Choice Award, the Golden Teddy Award or the TED worldwide Award.

Drolly Girl 24 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
Drolly Girl 24 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
Drolly Girl 24 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
Drolly Girl 24 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg
Drolly Girl 24 cm Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg

This Product was added to our catalogue on 12/09/2023.

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